Coachella 2009

Well, It’s that time of year again when you ask yourself the question, “Should I go to Coachella this year, or should I just pass?” Coachella looks like they have a better line up than last year. The dates are April 17th-19th, and the three main headliners for each night are Sir Paul McCartney, The Killers, and The Cure. Some other big names that you might be interested in are Morrissey, Thievery Corporation, My Bloody Valentine, and Band of Horses just to name a few. There’s not much on the DJ tents, but one that caught my eye is Roni Size. I missed him last time when he came around and I heard his set was unforgettable. Another group that might be interesting to see is Thievery Corporation and Groove Armada could be pretty cool as well. Other Djs that you might of heard of are Christopher Lawrence, Shepard Fairey (Mister Obey himself), and Perry Farrell. Oh, and Glasvegas is also playing as well.

So the question,”Should I go or not?” is up in the air. Tickets are $99 for single day tickets and a three day pass costs $269. Due to the lovely economy, you can buy your tickets on layaway if you want. I will probably pass this year again unless I miraculously find some extra cash in my wallet.

On an interesting side note Public Enemy looks like they’re playing, but for some reason their name is smaller than Amy Crackhouse. You would think they would want to promote a band that had a pretty big influence on hip pop more, but who am I?

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