Stars and The Pains of Being Pure at Heart Concert and More!

This Sunday at the Glass House in Pomona, a group of us will be going to see Stars and The Pains in concert. It should be a good show and seeing both bands on the same night is a definitely a plus. I believe tickets are still available for $18 and doors open at 7pm. $18 for two bands people!

On Pitchfork’s website The Pains of Being Pure at Heart has a single called “Heart in Your Heartbreak”  from their sophomore album Belong, that you can listen to. The actual single will not be release until December 14th. Have a listen.  Can’t wait until the new album.

The Radio Dept. also just released their Never Follow Suit EP a couple of days ago. You can also download for free the song “The One” here. It’s very dubtastic and I like it. This band seems to put out consistently good music. Oh, and did I tell you that they will be in concert at the El Rey Theater on Wednesday, February 16th?! They will finally make a west coast appearance that I know people, including I, have been eagerly waiting for.

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2 Responses to Stars and The Pains of Being Pure at Heart Concert and More!

  1. Jimmy Ng says:

    This is an excellent blog. I am really glad that I stumbled on it while googling for a picture under “cold winter” and I sort of stole a picture of yours in one of the posts. I like all the songs here, especially the Indie rock/alternative, covers and soundtrack ones.

  2. Archa says:

    Thanks Jimmy, I’m glad you enjoyed the music and the blog. Thanks for reading!

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