Chapel Club

Chapel Club

A few of months ago my friend introduce me to a band while we were playing the game Have you heard of this band? over email. The one that got my attention was an English band named Chapel Club.  I did my research on Youtube and was pretty much hooked from the beginning. Unfortunately I had to wait to download their album at the time, because they weren’t release here in the States yet. So I waited and waited and I finally got to download their album on Itunes last month and it was definitely worth it.

Have a listen.

Chapel Club -The Shore by Nadinchen

Chapel Club – ‘All The Eastern Girls’ by east city records

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  1. Pandafish says:

    Alright, lets just jump straight to the point. You seem like a Thrice kinda guy. Go listen to Thrice. Done and done. Start with the Vheissu album.

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