June Hodgepodge

This post is going to be pretty short for maybe the three of you who actually reads this blog, but here are some new updates.

The Legends just released their new album Over and Over today and it has about 12 songs. I haven’t bought it yet, but what I’ve heard it’s not too bad (I know that doesn’t sound good).  Some songs are very distortion heavy and others are more on the regular  indie pop sound. I tend to listen to the songs and come back at another time and listen to songs again and then buy them. I know, I’m weird.

The Radio Dept. released a new single called “David” and I  found it on another music site called Brooklyn Vegan. Here’s the link to the song.  It sounds pretty cool and I hope they tour on the west coast when their album comes out.

Last week I saw Camera Obscura and I’m still not over it yet. For a fix I just watch the video below.

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  1. Cara Lynn says:

    Reader #1 here. I agree, Camera Obscura was awesome live. I wished their songs never ended.

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