New Blog Theme Version 2.0

Like the saying goes, “New look, same great taste”. At least I think that’s how it goes.

As you can see has a new look and I’m liking it for now.  A bit darker  I know, but I like to change things up a bit. I wanted more of simpler look and the previous version was looking really dated to me.  A note for all you mobile users out there, I created a version for you which looks pretty much the same except the sidebar is at the bottom of the page. A problem I did notice is that the Audio Player may or may not work depending on what mobile phone you are using. The Audio player is flash, so sorry all you iPhone users out there (me included). However, I will do some research and see if there’s a better way to play audio so everyone can be happy.


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2 Responses to New Blog Theme Version 2.0

  1. Alex Lopez says:

    I just got around to checking out your site its been a while… looking good! I like this look very much.

  2. Archa says:

    Thanks Alex, I’m glad you approved!

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