Air Formation: Keepin’ It Real

Air Formation: Daylight Storms

Lately I’ve been listening to a band called Air Formation. Always looking for new music that is anything shoegazing, Air Formation is one of the few bands that is still making good dreampop music. Formed in 1998 from Brighton, England, they seem to have their own unique sound and they definitely have many catchy melodies. Like Slowdive, their name pretty much sums it up.

The album that I’ve been listening to is called Daylight Storms and was released in 2007. Songs like Cold Morning and The Dark has Fallen is a good representation of what the Air Formation sound is like. If you like bands like Slowdive, Flying Saucer Attack, Joy Wants Eternity, then this band is a must have on your playlist. Here’s the link to their official site. Enjoy.

Source: Artist Direct

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