New Site and The Radio Dept. Concert

If you haven’t noticed already, there’s a new look to I decided to design the site in a clean and minimal style. I actually prefer minimal designs and the old look was fun while it lasted, but I also wanted to take the site into a new direction. I will definitely still discuss music, but I also wanted to add another favorite hobby of mine, which is photography.  Along with the music posts, I will be adding some photo related content and hopefully some of my own images as well.

On Wednesday night I got to see one of my favorite Swedish Bands, The Radio Dept. at the El Rey.  I’ve been waiting awhile for this band to come out west since they normally just play in New York.  I can tell a lot of other people were eager to see them play live as well, because the place was pretty packed. I’m not being biased, but they sounded really good live and they chose a good mix of songs for their playlist. My only complaint was that they maybe played for an hour including the one song encore.  My friends and I were hoping for more, but we still walked away enjoying the show.

If you missed them, they will be playing at Coachella this year… if you can afford the tickets.

Here’s a vid

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