On Sunday I decided to take a chance on another site other than Itunes or Amazon Music for my music downloads. I did some research and decided on eMusic.  I realized that Itunes wasn’t cutting it for me. What I needed was a site that I can pay a monthly fee for whatever price and get a certain amount of downloads.  Emusic is the place to do that.

The biggest problem with Itunes for me was the amount of music I like to download.  I was paying like $9.99 an album for usually about 10 songs. The way I spend money on downloads; I knew it was going to add up in the long run. Another problem I found with Itunes was the scenario of me constantly converting my purchased Itune songs to MP3s. I guess I’m still old school and I like making mix CDs for my car. With eMusic.com and even Amazon, all the songs are MP3s and are DRM free. Itunes still has DRM music on their library.

Emusic has several subscription plans to choose from. They have month to month and they also have annual plans as well. The one I chose was the bottom tier eMusic basic for 11.99 a month. This plan is a limit of 30 songs a month, but when you first sign up they give you an additional 50 extra songs (Booyah). So like a kid in a candy store, I went freaking ballistic. I couldn’t stop myself. I had a list of all the albums I wanted to get, but couldn’t, because I just didn’t feel right in buying that much music on Itunes.

I have to say that eMusic may not be right for everyone. First off, eMusic is more of an independent music supplier. If you’re looking for more mainstream music like oh, Britney Spears, then you’re not going to find it. Hell, they don’t even have New Order. As matter of fact they steer away from most mainstream labels to keep the prices down. Another important tidbit is that unused songs do not carry over to the next month (I guess it’s not like unused minutes), so it’s important to get your money’s worth and make sure to download to your limit. If you’re interested in eMusic, but don’t know for sure, you can type in several band names in the search bar and see if they come up. If they have your type or taste in music, then enjoy.

Well, I still have 26 more songs to go for the month…

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2 Responses to eMusic

  1. Jonna says:

    I love eMusic… I just put my account on hold though because (as lame as this sounds) I had trouble utilizing my 50 credits a month… and there are NO rollovers (as I and many others have discovered). If you’re really on-top of discovering new music, then it should be easy to keep it going. Make sure you use their “save for later” feature, it makes it easier for those super busy months, when you realize your time is almost up, you can just go hit purchase on like 3 albums and your credits are safely spent.

    I will say, I have discovered some amazing music that I might not have otherwise found.

  2. Archa says:

    Thanks Jonna for the advice. Yeah I started to use the “save for later feature” and it’s definitely a handy feature.

    eMusic does have some amazing music on there and it makes for more great bands to write about. Prepare for, “I love me some Swede Indie Part 2!” You probably already heard of most of the bands though.

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