Chapel Club

Chapel Club

A few of months ago my friend introduce me to a band while we were playing the game Have you heard of this band? over email. The one that got my attention was an English band named Chapel Club.  I did my research on Youtube and was pretty much hooked from the beginning. Unfortunately I had to wait to download their album at the time, because they weren’t release here in the States yet. So I waited and waited and I finally got to download their album on Itunes last month and it was definitely worth it.

Have a listen.

Chapel Club -The Shore by Nadinchen

Chapel Club – ‘All The Eastern Girls’ by east city records

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Amanda Mair

So a couple of weeks ago Labrador Records , the Swedish power house record label of such bands like The Radio Dept.., Club 8, The Mary Onettes and Sambassadeur, signed a 16 year old sensation named Amanda Mair. 16 years old, what was I doing when I was 16? Probably playing legos, yes still at 16. Anyways the single “House” will be released June 8th. She’s definitely in good hands with Labrador and hopefully she can open up for The Mary Onettes, since they had to cancel their concert due to the volcano I can’t pronounce.

Have a listen to something unique

Amanda Mair – House by TLOBF

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I recently stumbled upon a synthpop band named Marsheaux that is highly addicting to listen to. They have all the traits of a good synthpop band, catchy beats, poppy delicious synth hooks, female vocals, and are from Greece, whaaaaaat? Yeah much to my surprise this duo is from Thessaloniki, Greece. Not like it matters, but I wasn’t thinking Greece as the first place on my list of cool synthpop bands. I guess you do learn something new everyday.

Some videos for your enjoyment.

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