Neil Halstead: Alison

I don’t really have much to talk lately, but I went to  the mojave 3 website and I found a gem. For all those Slowdive fans out there, Neil Halstead did a live version of “Alison” at a concert in Chicago. When Mojave 3 was on tour last time (which seems like eons ago), they played “Dagger” and I thought they played one more Slowdive song, but I can’t really remember.  Neil’s version is quite interesting and he plays it as if he just wrote the song for his latest solo album. Folksy, organic and more acoustic comes to mind. It’s not bad at all, but what can beat the original with all the typical shoegazing sounds from whatever effects pedal they were using at the time. “Alison” takes me back and will always have a place in my heart.

Here’s the original Alternate video for Slowdive’s “Alison”

P.S. I mentioned on my last post about the latest Legends album being released on May 6th. Well, I messed up again and it’s actually being released here in the U.S on June 16th. May 6th was the released date for all the other cool countries I guess.  Sorry for the confusion.

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