The Return of My Bloody Valentine

My Bloody Valentine

My Bloody Valentine

It looks like the pioneers of shoegaze is going to be recording a new album. It has been 17 years since the band disappeared and left many of us with their hypnotic music from Loveless, wondering if they were ever going to return. The long wait is over and after being reunited on stage, Kevin Shields is ready to go back to the studio. I guess the short story is that Kevin was digitally remastering his archive and heard some prerecorded songs that never made it to an album. He decided, by golly these songs are good. Let’s get band back together! Okay, It probably wasn’t like that, but you get the picture. I’m pretty excited, since the rumor has it that the album is mostly original material from the Loveless era, but Kevin mentioned that there’s going to be new material as well. The songs that he recorded for the Lost in Translation soundtrack like City Girl were good, and if the new material is like that, I think we’re still in good hands. Here’s some videos for old time sakes.

On a sad note I wasn’t able to go see them in Santa Monica. I know. For shame!

Source: New York Times Article.


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