A couple of weeks ago I was browsing the internet and found a music website that you may have not heard of. The website is called lala. At first glimpse it functions like most music websites where you can listen to and purchase songs; however it goes further than just that. There are many aspects of this music website that sets it apart from the rest. I’ll be honest with you. I just registered over the weekend and started to get myself familiar with it, so I’m still a newbie and I’m still trying to get a feel of it.

Okay, this might get confusing and I really do apologize for my lack of writing skills on this one.

The way lala works is that they provide their entire music inventory for you to listen to anywhere over the web.  You can actually listen to an entire song of an album before you buy rather than those 30 second samples that I hate so much. I of course found this feature to be really cool.  Now, if you really like the song you can sign up, purchase it for 89 cents and download it on to your computer. Or if you don’t want to download it, but you really have to have it, you can just pay 10 cents and you can listen to it as much as you want and lala will store it for you.  All songs are DRM free and are in MP3 format.  It pretty much acts like a music library for you, but your music is living on the web and you can have access to it anywhere as long as you have internet service.

Another feature they offer is something called lala music mover. It’s lala software that you download on to your computer and what it does is scan your entire music library on your computer and matches it up with their music catalogs. All the songs that are matched up will now be playable through their service which you can listen to it anywhere on the web.  Oh, and if you have playlists through itunes, those playlists will be added as well. I noticed the Smart Playlists were not added but only the regular Playlists.  So I did this entire procedure and it took two hours for about 1800 song, but that’s only for the songs they have in their catalog. For the songs they don’t have, you can upload them if you wish.  It’s actually an automatic process that does it behind the scenes, but for me it’s going to take a total of 1day and 8 hours for  the 1,000+ songs they don’t have in their catalogs! For those songs they don’t have, I believe you can just manually pick the songs you want to upload.

Lala also has no advertising on their site which is pretty amazing in today’s web world and I really can’t figure out how they work that in their business model.  When you sign up, which is free by the way, you get 25 credits added to your account to purchase web songs. One credit buys you a web song. The web songs are the songs that you can add to your library, but aren’t down-loadable unless you want to purchase them for 79 cents more.

The other aspects of lala are like most other music websites like eMusic or even Pandora. You can create playlist, queue songs, share music with friends through twitter or facebook, browse music, and lala also gives recommendations. One thing I found out is that you can embed a playlist or a song into a blog. Like this.

This is going to be so much easier for me to share music, instead of uploading a song or trying to find it on the web. Awesome.

Well I hope I was able to bring something new for you to explore and if not please feel free to add some helpful tips or suggestions.

Update: For some reason the music player does not work in Firefox 3, but does work in Safari. I emailed lala’s tech support to let them know about the bug. Hopefully this will get fixed soon. My apologies.

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