Gentle Touch & Beach House

Good god, has it really been over two months since my last post!? My humble apologies to my 4 readers and I will try to update more often. Sometimes there’s not a lot of new music being released, but I will make a more honest effort.

Here are two bands that really caught my attention over the past months. The first band is called Gentle Touch. They’re a Swedish band that plays more of the synth pop genre and reminds me a lot of a German synth pop band named Camouflage. If you can’t remember Camouflage, they had a pretty big hit back in the 80’s with their song “The Great Commandment“.  Here’s a sample video of Gentle Touch

The next band is Beach House. They’ve been around since 2004, and released three albums so far.  Teen Dream, their latest album, is one that I can not stop playing. Whether it’s the music, melody or Victoria Legrand’s vocals I’m not too sure, but I just keep coming back to this album.

Please have a listen.

Tell me that didn’t get your ears perked up. I know you want more, so here’s some more.

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