Happy Holidays

I would like to first say I apologize for not posting for the past weeks. I’ve been down right lazy and unmotivated. Good news is that I’m feeling a strong sense of urgency to talk about music again, especially since this past week we’ve got some cold winter weather with some rain and those type of days always gets my brain going with some nice tunes.

I’m probably going to do an Archa Cold Weather Day playlist or something like that in the coming weeks, so hopefully this will draw you back. Once again, I apologize for being a lazy bastard.  My birthday was last week and as a present from my good friend, I received New Order Live in Glasgow. I’m still reviewing it, but it’s pretty good so far and it’s in DTS 5.1! One of my favorite audio digital surround sound formats by the way. It’s a two disc DVD and I still have to get to the second disc with the extra stories, which I find interesting. More on that later…

So, happy holidays and I will be back in the new year .

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